WordPress Client Portal Plugin

Turn your existing WordPress site into a powerful business tool

Create unlimited Clients, Unlimited Portals, Share Files with Clients, Receive files from Clients, and much more!

WordPress Client Login Plugin

Secure Client Portals

  • Easily create private and secure areas on your site, and permission those pages to one, some, or all clients in your installation.
  • Users are only able to access pages that are specifically assigned to them, ensuring that no client ever sees any information they shouldn’t.
  • Use the WordPress Visual Editor tools you’re already familiar with to build custom pages just like you would a standard WordPress page or post, with the option to use custom HTML to achieve the exact result you desire.
  • In addition to assigning clients, you have the option assign Office Managers to specific pages, and they will have admin-level capabilities for those particular pages, allowing them to edit the page and assigning additional users.
WordPress File Sharing Exchange WordPress Plugin

Intuitive File Sharing

  • Upload files from directly inside your WordPress dashboard, and assign them to any combination of clients, managers, and custom user groups.
  • File Categories can be created and files can be placed inside them, allowing you to easily “bulk assign” many files to a user in one step, by simply assigning them directly to the corresponding File Category.
  • Clients can be allowed to upload files themselves as well, which the site admins (and any assigned managers) will be able to access from the OfficeWP backend dashboard.
  • Nearly all file types are supported, and file size limitations are based only on your hosting, giving you and your clients the freedom to share files of nearly any type or size.
Customer Login Private Messaging WordPress Plugin

Private Messaging

  • Easily communicate securely with any users in your installation, including clients, managers, & even other admins.
  • Messages can be sent to one user to create a private conversation, or sent to multiple people for group messages, allowing you to tailor the conversation to fit your needs.
  • Messages can be searched & sorted, allowing you to easily find the exact message you are looking for in your inbox. Additionally, bulk actions allow you to easily manage multiple messages at once.
  • Allow your clients, managers & other users to send messages as well if desired. Who a user can send a message to is based on assignment and permissions set by you, so you can be certain everyone has only the access you grant them.

Role Permissions Editor

  • Users can access content based on what is assigned to them by default, but you can take it to another level and control exactly what different users have access to based on their role, on a granular level.
  • Easily turn different sections of the plugin on and off for each user role, allowing you to fully customize the end-user experience for each role.
  • Optionally create your own custom user roles with the available Role Creator add-on, with their own set of unique capabilities and permissions, giving you full control over how your users interact with your installation.
  • The capabilities of your custom roles, along with the default user roles, are completely customizable, giving you nearly endless possibilities for providing customized access to your users.

Custom Email Notifications

  • Email notifications can be triggered for nearly every action, allowing you and your users to stay connected even if you aren’t logged into your installation at the time.
  • Beyond the default emails, you can create your own custom notifications, based on your own desired triggers, involved users, actions, and so on. Custom tailor each notification to fit your specific needs.
  • A host of provided placeholders dynamically insert pertinent data into email notifications, such as usernames, login links, filenames, and much more. Eliminates the need to manually insert client data.
  • Email notifications can be turned on and off, edited, deleted, and created, giving you the control to ever-evolve the functionality as your business and client needs grow and change.
Client Login Portal Plugin for WordPress

Customizable Experience

  • With the modular structure of OfficeWP, you can easily turn whole features on and off to best suit your business. Functions like file sharing, private messaging, & others can be deactivated if not needed, allowing you to focus only on what matters to you.
  • The frontend user experience is completely customizable as well, using the familiar WordPress Visual Editor to build custom pages for your clients, and fill them with your own desired content.
  • Shortcodes allow you to easily insert OfficeWP functionalities like file sharing, messaging, & more into pages, & the content displayed will be dynamic based on the logged-in user, ensuring no client ever sees something that isn’t assigned to them.
  • Dynamic placeholders allow you to display client data that pertains only to the logged-in user, without the need to manually insert info into the page.